Li’l Woody’s

Not your typical burger joint. When I walked into Li’l Woody’s I was expecting the staff to be wearing cowboy hats and asking if I wanted fries with my order. There I said it. That is what my mind had envisioned. When I actually got inside it was a completely different story. There was schoolchildren’s artwork adorning the walls, the menus had local products on the ballot, and there were custom t-shirts hanging. When I dug a bit deeper, I found that Li’l Woody’s roots are in music.

Turns out Macklemore, Nacho Picasso, Mr. Mouthpiece, Massive Monkeys, and more all have burgers here named after them! The restaurant is very much an asset to the community as they have school fundraisers, local contests, and a robust social media campaign. Every Memorial Day, Li’l Woody’s gives away free burgers to everyone. This year, there was a line all the way around the block. It should be marked on your calendar for 2016 so you can beat the wait- it is so popular!

Are you looking for Full Tilt Icecream, or Beecher’s cheese? This shop carries these local favorites, so why not add them to your burger or at least have them on the side? I tried their queso fries and I couldn’t finish them, they were so huge! Are you looking for grass-fed beef? How about Washington Potatoes? All of this you can find at this high-quality burger restaurant!
If you are looking to be a part of making burger-joint history, then add Li’l Woody’s to your list of local favorites.



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